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Post AdWeek Europe Spotlight on AOP’s MD, Tim Cain

Last week, London welcomed Adweek for its second year running. Media’s glitterati such as Mashable’s Pete Cashmore, Mindshare’s CEO Mark Creighton, Cosmopolitan’s UK Editor in Chief Louise Court sprinkled with celebs such as Idris Elba, Jemeela Jamil and even Joey Essex came together during these 4 days to discuss the media and issues affecting online advertising today.

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IAB Releases ‘In-Image Advertising Primer’ To Provide An In-Depth Look At An Emerging Ad Type Used In Native Campaigns

On the heels of the recent release of the “IAB Native Advertising Playbook,” the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and its Image-Based Advertising Working Group have unveiled the “In-Image Advertising Primer,” offering a comprehensive overview of this burgeoning ad type, often leveraged in native advertising campaigns.

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5 reasons there’s not enough top quality mobile inventory

This article was also featured on MediaTel.

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Relevance Matters

Vibrant Media’s top tips on getting Sales and Campaign Management teams to work together and achieve success

Recently, Roger Williams, CMO of Maxifier wrote an article featured on The Huffington Post about how the Adops and Sales teams need to work in synergy in order to achieve campaign success. We decided to quiz our own Adops and Sales team to see their take on Williams’ article. Their answers gave an insightful look into how these two departments have to work together in order to reach an end goal – client happiness.

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The Most Successful Advertisers Will Change Their Behaviour in 2014

This article was also featured on the IAB

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DTSG launches good practice principles for display ads

The lack of common approach to misplacement of ads since the IASH initiative was disbanded has been unfortunate for marketers, so the DTSG is welcome and an achievement for the digital industry as a whole.

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Do non-mobile publishers face search engine peril? – A publisher’s response

Today our guest blogger Sarah Thomas, from automotive publisher Honest John.co.uk , answers some important questions and gives us some insight into what publishers are facing in the industry.

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